Ura was born in Tolosa (Basque Country) in 1979. She studied photography in Madrid. Specialized in documentary photography, her work is focused on minorities and it has been published in various magazines like Vice U.K, Al Jazeera... Nowadays, she is a freelance photographer in the area of documentary photography.( Ready for assigments in Latin America, Europe and Asia). 


- Finalist in Siena International Photography Awards 2018

- Selected to exhibit in Barcelona International Photography Awards 2018 - 2019

- Winner in BAFFEST EMERGING TALENT 2018 ( Best female emerging photographer in the Basque Country )

- IPA, INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2019 : 3rd Place / Deeper Perspective


-LA HIGUERA DEL CHE ( Tolosa, Basque Country, 2015 )

-HIDDEN IRAN ( Barakaldo and Tolosa, Basque Country, 2019 )

CONTACT: iturraldeura@gmail.com 

Ura Iturralde photographer

A basque female photographer dedicated to investigate minorities around the world
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